Alka Sana pH Booster Drops - 2 oz

Alka Sana pH Booster Drops - 2 oz
Alka Sana pH Booster Drops- 2 oz - Front Label
Alka Sana pH Booster Drops- 2 oz - Full Label
Alka Sana pH Booster Drops- 2 oz - Suggested Use
Alka Sana pH Booster Drops - 2 oz - Supplement Facts

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Alka Sana pH Booster Drops - 2 oz

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Drinking Plenty Of Water Together With pH Booster Drops Ensures The Body Stays Well Hydrated Throughout The Day

pH Booster Features:

  • Water Purification In A Bottle
  • Helps Release Oxygen Molecules Within Water For Easier Absorption By The Body
  • Increases The pH Of Any Water You Put It In
  • Helps Cells To Perform Optimally
  • Carefully Formulated To Promote Alkaline Balance In Your Body.

Can Help Maintain A Balanced pH Level Within The Body For Optimal Cellular Function & Overall Health.

Alka Sana pH Booster - 2oz

Suggested Use:
Adults - 5 drops per quart/liter
Beginners - 2 drops per quart/liter

Alka Sana pH Booster Ingredients:
Potassium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate

What's Included:  pH Booster Drops in 2oz bottle with dropper

Alkaline Water Can Help Optimize Hydration & Promote Better Performance During Workouts & Physical Activities

Alka Sana pH Booster drops will raise the pH of any water you put it in and have a pH balancing effect on the body. This formula releases oxygen molecules in water for easier absorption by the body. This formulation has been shown to have an alkalizing, neutralizing, oxygenating and pH balancing effect on the body.

When added to water, Alka Sana Power Greens, vegetable juice, or raw soups (unheated) it differentiates and adds extra electrons which raise the pH and Negative Charge (alkalinity) of the fluid. Alkaline water created with pH booster drops can help neutralize excess stomach acid, potentially alleviating indigestion and promoting a healthier digestive system

Some studies suggest that alkaline water may exhibit antioxidant properties, which could provide long-term support in reducing oxidative stress and promoting cellular health. Long-term use of pH booster drops may help maintain a more balanced pH level in the body, supporting overall health and potentially reducing the risk of certain health issues associated with chronic acidity.

Stay energized naturally with pH booster drops, as alkaline water provides a gentle yet effective energy boost to power you through your day.

Some Additional Benefits of pH Booster Drops Include:

  • Hydration & Wellness Support
  • Easy & Convenient Integration Into Your Daily Routine
  • Achieve A Balanced Lifestyle Through Proper Hydration & pH Regulation

For Those Leading An Active Lifestyle, pH Booster Drops Can Be A Valuable Addition, Aiding In Maintaining Proper pH Levels & Optimizing Performance.

pH Booster Drops Are Also Available In:  4oz Bottle

Try Some Alka Sana pH Booster Drops Today!

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