Exciting News! We've Rebranded Our Store!

Hi, we are excited to share important news regarding the evolution of our companies.

In May 2023 we decided to merge our companies and announce the formation of a new company, Earth Sana.  This merger represents the opportunity to create an even stronger brand for our customers.

We request that you make a note of the change in company name.

Earth Sana will have two products lines:
- Alka Sana - this is our Supplement line
- Earth Sana - these are our Herbal Teas

(Note: Pretty much the same product line that we have had for the last 4 years. Just a name change)

As always, we will be delivering the highest quality of service. We assure you that this rebranding will not affect or delay any current orders, our pricing, product quality, product name, manufacturing or support.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your business and the trust you have kept with us in our journey for a plant based and greens lifestyle.

All the best! Ken

p.s. - if questions, feel free to call

Ken Lyons
Earth Sana Store
Greens, Herbal Teas, Clay, Oils & More!